Why choose us?

Professional background, relation network

Our service is based on the idea of dealing with our customers’ insurance issues in a complete and comprehensive way in order to make our clients perfectly satisfied. On the one hand, customer satisfaction is achieved by the high-quality professional activity of our dynamically developing expert team. On the other hand, it is provided by the appreciation bestowed on us by the insurance companies acting in the domestic market.

Knowledge centre

We pay a great deal of attention to inform our partners about the solutions provided to satisfy the individual needs of a particular customer. As an independent insurance broker company, we continuously strive to extend the scope of standard insurance terms offered by insurance companies by applying individual clauses or provisions. By doing so, we would like to guarantee that the insurance strategy offered to our customers provides enough coverage for risks which are passed on to insurance companies.

Claims management

The real quality of insurance and broker activity is often shown only in case of damage. For this reason, we consider claims settlement to be especially important. Accordingly, we lay great stress on doing our best. Our service ranges from checking and forwarding damage reports to settling damage events.

About us

The HUNInsurance Biztosítási Alkusz Ltd. was established in 2010 aiming to develop and manage customised, comprehensive and cost-efficient insurance strategies and solutions for medium-sized or big companies working in any sector of industry. Our company has a professional background that completely fulfils the corresponding requirements.

We have got excellent references in terms of producing and construction companies, but we also have several other firms working in other industries among our customers.

As an independent representative of the insurance market, we consider it our mission to contribute to the promotion and development of the domestic insurance culture. Moreover, we are committed to enhancing compliance with the international standards in Hungary.