Our Services

When establishing our service, we particularly paid special attention to the complete and comprehensive satisfaction of our customers’ needs. We would like to highlight that our service extends to the professional support in connection with any possible damages occurring during the term of a particular insurance agreement.

Certain components of our service

  • risk assessment, risk analysis
  • making proposals for how to develop an insurance strategy
  • making insurers compete, proposals for the choice of insurance companies providing coverage and contract preparation with due regard to our customers’ claims and needs
  • contract management
  • claims management
  • other insurance-related services.

Risk assessment, risk analysis

Mapping the risks is of utmost importance because it enables us to develop the right insurance strategy, determine the efficient risk management methods and work out the details of a proper insurance policy. Our company has got the required professional experience and knowledge needed to analyse the detected risks and inform our customers about them clearly and properly.

Making proposals for how to develop an insurance strategy

In order to reduce the detected risks, our main goal is to develop a complex and comprehensive risk management and insurance strategy. Risks are identified and assessed by our company in advance, so that an optimal insurance policy can be developed. In due consideration of risk analysis, market experience and the current opportunities available in the insurance market, we establish an insurance strategy which includes the preparation and customization of contracts about the reduction of risks and the assessment and modification of existing contracts in force.

Preparing insurance contracts

Making use of our professional skills and taking advantage of our market position, we try to offer the most reasonable insurance premium payable for the components of insurance contracts. Certainly, insurance premium is only one important figure of an insurance contract. Therefore, we tell our customers in each case as to what kind of risks and damages are covered by the insurance premium in question. We consider the following four main aspects when a proposal is made:

  • the scope of the insurance coverage
  • the amount of the insurance premium
  • our experience regarding the claims management of the insurers
  • other kinds of administrative experience

According to the decision of the customer, we prepare insurance contracts for signing.

Contract management

After developing and enforcing the insurance program, our company manages the contracts on a regular basis, whereas changes in the internal and external business environment of our customers are taken into consideration which requires daily contact with them.

Claims management

The real quality of insurance and broker activity is often shown only in case of damage. For this reason, we consider claims management to be especially important. Accordingly, we put great stress on doing it perfectly. Our service ranges from checking and forwarding damage reports to following up on the process and up to settling the claims.